New York, New York


Dear New York,

I love you. Please look after the 99.9% of myself I left behind in your enveloping arms/streets. I’ll be back.

With love.

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Skyline by polaroid


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Typical NYC


On the last night I finally managed to snap this typical shot. It looks like the photo is of this girl.. Too bad I have no idea who she was. On a side note, I’ve started to wonder how many other tourist-ers photos I am in, just like this fortunate girl.

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Fire Island


An amazing beach where everyone had super cool umbrellas, and where the lifeguards brought us beer and cupcakes, and which was then followed by an all American (almost frat) party. Red cups included. (Note: This child in the photo fortunately was not the lifeguard.)


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This is Rocky. I met him on my last wander through Central Park. He was hanging out eating a slice of pizza. Seriously.

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DC in Polaroid


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At night


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It’s a freak show


Actually, I couldn’t find the freak show, but this place was a little bit.. well, I mean, it’s run by carnies. Go figure. In all seriousness, that rollercoaster tried to kill me.


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Grizzly Bear and Beach House playing to the sunseted skyline of a Sunday summer afternoon. Wait a minute, I think I need some more s words in there. Meanwhile, I’ve seen so many shows since I’ve been here: Dirty Projectors, Bat for Lashes, Black Lips, Yeasayer, Deerhunter, Dan Deacon, No Age, M Ward, The Walkmen, Dinosaur Jr.. Of this I’ve only paid for one. Nice!

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I went to Yale and all I got was this cheesy jumper. Actually, no. I only borrowed it. Fail.

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